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      Performance comparison between gear pump and screw pump
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      1¡¢ The performance and structure characteristics of gear oil pump are as follows
      The oil pump is reliable in structure, stable in operation, low in cost, and can transport non corrosive oil and other viscous media; the gear pump has its own safety valve, and the arc gear pump has a high pressure head for transporting media.
      2¡¢ Disadvantages of gear pump: it is not suitable for conveying liquid containing solid particles and liquid with high volatility and low flash point.
      3¡¢ Screw pump performance characteristics:
      Advantages of screw pump: compact structure, no pulsation in flow and pressure, high pressure, stable operation, low vibration and noise compared with gear pump, long service life, high efficiency, wide range of applicable liquid types and viscosity, stainless steel arc pump.
      4¡¢ Screw pump disadvantages: high requirements for manufacturing and processing, working characteristics sensitive to viscosity changes, small flow of conveying medium.
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