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      Gear pump use matters needing attention
             1¡¢The driving shaft of the pump is not allowed to withstand radial force and axial force(That is ,during installation,the spline  housing should no be longer than the effective length of the pump’s driving shaft spline ;there should be no axial obstruction between the driving shaft end ,coupling sleeve and the gear pump axial spline end and shaft shoulder).In the case of any special condition such as radial force ,please contact with our company for special order.
             2¡¢The installing concentricity between the pump driving shaft and the prime-mover output shaft should not be more than 0.05mm,and the perpendicularity between the installation surface of the pump base and the pad should not be more than 0.05mm.The concentricity between the two ends of coupling sleeve should be within 0.05mm.
             3¡¢The pump’s oil suction height should not be more than 0.5m and the inlet pipe shouldhave a diameter to ensure flow rate no more than 2m/s, that is, the diameter of the inlet Pipe should be no less than 3.25(mm).Where Q is the pump outlet flow (liter)=q.n .
             4¡¢No air leaking in the inlet pipe and flange .
             5¡¢The working oil should be kept  clean .It is recommended to install a filter with filtrating accuracy of 80~100m in the suction pipe of the pump and a filtrating accuracy no less than 25 m in the outlet pipe .The oil should be cleaned or replaced in a regular way dependant on its dirtiness. 
             6¡¢If the inlet port of the pump is equipped with a filter, make sure that the effective through-flow of the filte iis at least three times the pump’s maximum suction flow .Care must be taken to prevent blockage .
             7¡¢It is strictly stipulated that before starting pump, oil must be poured and air must be discharged to ensure that the pump can suck in oil timely when the pump is started .The best way is to loosen a pipe connector (This step is imperative as omission of this step is the principle reason for damaging pumps at the earlier stage) . After installation ,the pump should have at least ten minutes idle run and a short period of load run.
             8¡¢Under continual working condition ,the pump’s highest working temperature should not exceed80¡æ,Instantaneous temperature no more than 120¡æ to guard against early of the sealing . 
             9¡¢Pump and oil pump motor directly connected, the pump with te hand gently on the seam allowance of the pump end and motor flange end face tightly stick together, reoccupy screws, if there is a gap, foreign body must clean up the inner hole and shaft surface, eliminate the gap, and then advance to, tiejin, fixed.
             10¡¢Users do not freely adjust the synchronous shunt, check whether the tubing is the same length, cylinder diameter, stroke, Piston Rod is the same, the pipeline must not be welded, installed after lifting 3-5 times no load, normal rear can be used.
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